Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES)


Description: No pesticides in the environment. Just a clean, efficient, effective way to electrocute mosquitoes.

Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES) is designed for Indian Market by professionals with years of experience and expertise in this field. The machine is designed in view of Indian Environmental and Climatic Conditions.

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Description: Working in a clean and healthy environment can do wonders for your productivity and boost your morale. Fellowes offers a range of products that promote your workspace well-being including Air Purifiers, Printer Filter and Technology and Workspace Cleaning products.

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Description: Effective way to dispose important Documents by way of Shredding. It can also shred CDs, Credit/Debit/ATM cards.
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Note Counting machine

( Fake Note Detection )

Description: Note Counting made easy with detection of counterfeit notes. Handy and economical.
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Bio Combi Cleaner

150 per Ltr

Description: 100% bilological, Re-generative raw materials which are admitted as ordinance of additives of food, EU-directive & the ordinance of drinking water processing.
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Flutter Bio Bird Repellent

550 per Ltr

Description: Natural and non-toxic bio product from germany “Say No To Chemicals and Switch Over To Bio”.
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71000 plus taxes

Description: security cornes as standard with four HoloKote watermark designs and can be further enhanced with magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options.
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Field Magnetic Water Conditioners

Description:The earth itself is a giant magnet—with an Iron core that generates a magnetic field that continuously protects us from deadly solar radiation—the Van Allen Belts. And although the extended science of magnetism is still
not fully understood, it hasn’t stopped innovators from harnessing magnetic forces and using them to change our world. Simply put, the value of magnetic technologies cannot be overstated.
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