Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES)

Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES)


Description: No pesticides in the environment. Just a clean, efficient, effective way to electrocute mosquitoes.

Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES) is designed for Indian Market by professionals with years of experience and expertise in this field.

The machine is designed in view of Indian Environmental and Climatic Conditions.

It is based on real time monitoring system. The start and stop of the machine is based on real time programming which allows the machine to optimize the use of CO2 gas and give maximum results in the most efficient and effective way.

The machine has an important feature of the operation based on ambient temperature inside and outside. This is very important parameter as the condition of temperature is one of the vital characteristic sensed by the mosquitoes.


The Mosquito Eradication Solutions designed based on body temperature of human and has natural ability to catch the mosquito through heat sensing and carbon dioxide detection. It stimulates mammal breathing through release of warmed carbon dioxide (CO2) as an attractant.

The machine is finely tuned, scientifically correlated, measured release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and heat that precisely mimics a live breathing target for biting insects.

Other mosquito traps and magnets may use CO2 and heat as an attractant but the MES has been tested against mosquitoes with timely measured releases.

When the unit first turns ON automatically in the evening, the CO2 is programmed to release based on real time set in the parameters of the program. Body heat signatures are produced with a heat blanket in the heat chamber cycling every few minutes at a pre set temperature. This feature is performed continuously when unit is running.

It attracts and catches a large number of Anopheline Mosquitoes. When CO2 is released near one Heat Trap the number of mosquitoes responding seemed to increase and gets attracted towards the trap. Once mosquitoes get into the trap, it is sucked and electrocuted in the heat chamber thereby eradicating in the process.


  • Mosquito Eradication Solutions (MES) is safe, environment friendly and user friendly as it does not use any chemicals and or pesticides.
  • Electrically sturdy and takes care of the Voltage Fluctuation in Indian conditions. Imported machines are not designed as per Indian conditions thus do not give desired Results and often suffer breakdown due to Power fluctuation prevalent in India.
  • Works on real time principle. It operates only for a pre-designed time, thereby using the gas optimally to derive maximum results at minimum running cost.
  • Specially and carefully designed to be Effectively used in Indian Conditions.
  • Quiet, Odourless, Maintenance free and User friendly.
  • No operator required to run the machine.
  • Rugged Electronic Control System.
  • Energy efficient and result oriented in Unique Indian Conditions.
  • Strong, durable aluminium construction, Lightweight and compact design.
  • Attracts mosquitoes from coverage area of approximately 1 acre.
  • Equipped with Anti-theft Alarm.
  • Useful for Resorts, Hotels/Restaurants, Hospitals, Societies, Bungalows, Villas, Industries, Offices, Public Parks, Holiday Homes, Amusement & Water Parks.